sous-Vide or Vacuum Cooking is a culinary technique that goes beyond fashion.

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From French “under vacuum ”Sous-vide (pronounced suvíd) technique keeps the integrity of food,by cooking it in hermetic sealed plastic bags and immersed in water at a very precisely controlled and low temperature for a setting time.

The temperature and cooking time varies according to the product requirements. It is clean and profitable technique that allows to obtain surprising results for any user ; You can think of sous vide as a type of slow cooking. But it offers so much more than any traditional cooking method .Now you can create innovative and delicious sous vide meals right in your home with our product.



With it what you are creating is food that is cooked to the perfect doneness without being overcooked or dried out.Meats of all types retain their natural moisture and never again will you suffer from a less than perfect medium rare steak.



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